guépard / gp-07 / noir / photochromic brown lens

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ref / gp-07
size / 43-23-147(mm)
frame color / noir
lens color / photochromic brown*




*photochromic brown (調光レンズ)

one year warranty / 正規取扱店1年品質保証付

日本国内 / 配送料無料

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French vintage eyewear is outstanding in its uniqueness and is praised as art in its own right. The frame materials, patterns and colors are no longer reproducible using by modern-day technology. So eyewear nowadays has already forgone the artisanal touch to details in exchange for production efficiency. Each and every vintage eyewear frame of its day is so rare that finding a product in the same design is almost impossible.

French vintage eyewear shows its indescribably alluring appearance while facing its inevitable fate stocks eventually being depleted because of its one-of-a-kind design. To reproduce the charm and feel of the French vintage using modern-day technology and share its original spirit with more people, the eyewear brand, guépard, has been launched by two French vintage eyewear experts: Masashi Yamamura and Kazuki Yanagihara.

Yamamura is the owner of eyewear store, SPEAKEASY, in Kobe, Hyogo, while Yanagihara runs his own eyewear store, Fréquence, in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Despite the fact that there are only a handful of stores specializing in vintage eyewear in Japan—let alone those dealing in unused vintage products—both Yamamura and Yanagihara are renowned French vintage eyewear experts. Paving the way for French vintage eyewear while developing guépard, both have long sourced a wide range of French eyewear frames and introduced them into Japan.

Yamamura and Yanagihara also jointly published a French vintage eyewear archive book, entitled “FrameFrance.” It explores the design of a wide array of French vintage eyewear pieces from the 1940s to the 1950s, a period when French eyewear took the world by storm with its excellence and unparalleled quality.

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¥45,100 tax included